An ephemeral maze-like landscape fills a 25’ x 60’ site along Grand Boulevard in St Louis. Canyon-like paths cut through dense swaths of vibrantly colored cord, creating a constantly shifting pattern of colors and texture. It’s designed to encourage detours, unexpected encounters and an exchange of smiles amongst visitors.  An existing concrete wall is clad in a reflective mylar film, multiplying the perceived scale of the installation and its optical effects.  

We used scripting tools to test many different iterations of string densities and colors, as well as to produce easy-to-use assembly diagrams for volunteers.  The project benefitted from over 350 volunteer hours during its installation, including middle school students, artists and architecture students and professors.  Since opening, the installation has hosted performances by youth orchestra Orchestrating Diversity as well as rehearsals for a Midsummers Nights Dream!

Design & Construction
Digital Fabrication