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Completed 2012
Design & Construction
Philadelphia Mural Arts

Escaped Infrastructure was a site-specific temporary artwork along the Manayunk Canal.  Long-term plans were underway to restore the canal to its original navigable condition. The installation aimed to contribute to this effort by bringing the topic of water quality to the public's attention in an artful and interactive way.

Inspired by the networks of pipes, tubes and wires along the canal, we conceived of the piece as infrastructure ‘breaking loose’ to create unexpected experiences along the towpath. A series of water pumps in the canal were activated by motion sensors as visitors walked along the towpath. The water was drawn up through a 50’ long bundle of clear tubes, becoming visible to passers-by on the adjacent busy street as well as on the canal. As it poured out of the other end it also lent the canal a new audible quality – the water could be heard for the first time. 

Integrated LED lights created a glowing effect at night, allowing the installation to be seen from several hundred feet away after dark.