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Completed 2014
TB/DS - Thoughtbarn/Delineate Studio
Nick Simonite
Civil & Structural
LOC Engineers
KMAX Engineers

When this unique 16,000sf quonset hut in East Austin became available for lease, we worked with our clients on a number of scenarios for developing the property.  The core vision in each case was to keep in tact the essential character of the building.  In the end, the strategy of “less is more” made the most economic and conceptual sense.  We created new entrances, installed bathrooms and large ceiling fans and better connected the space to the adjacent yard, leaving the structure exposed and the building uninsulated.  

The result is a unique event space that has hosted vintage motorcycle shows, art and craft fairs, dance parties, weddings and fashion shows against its industrial backdrop since its 2014 opening.  When the overhead doors are rolled up the activity blends seamlessly between street and building, creating a truly energetic exchange with the surrounding neighborhood.