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Completed 2013
Design & Construction
Structural Enginner
JM Structural
Nick Simonite

We worked with local branding gurus Guerilla Suit to turn the uninspired offices of a personal injury law firm into a workspace for their growing company.  

A strategy of stripping back was paired with the use of economical plywood for cladding, space dividers and desks, resulting in a utilitarian but warm, light-filled workspace.  The roof trusses were exposed from behind a depressing acoustic tile ceiling. Components of the previous office were salvaged and re-used, including glass storefront panels and neon letters from the building sign.  

A mix of custom and off-the-shelf elements helped balance the budget.  For example, a reception screen was CNC-milled with a unique pattern derived from the company logo while desks used pre-assembled sawhorses from the local hardware store. The layout locates the open desk area along the window-wall, while video production, bathrooms and call rooms are aligned along the rear. The kitchen serves dual purpose as a second informal meeting room.


"Thoughtbarn's acute attention to detail with a wide variety of materials comes second nature, making them an easy choice to work with. Their deeper understanding of attention to considerations such as light, air, movement, comfort, function, the city's surrounding aesthetic and behavior is extremely comforting. They provide a great mix of creative problem solving with a modern yet warm and familiar aesthetic. With all this, they are still just as involved in the sometimes boring parts of a project including budget, timing, service, and communication."  James Moody, Co-Founder of Guerilla Suit