High Water Mark is Thoughtbarn’s contribution to “Creek Show”, an event organized by the Waller Creek Conservancy, to be held in November 2014.  Five local designers from Austin will be creating light-based temporary artworks in and around the creek as an initiative to bring people to the area and propel public interest in its future development.  High Water Mark is a manifestation of an invisible line that will soon be erased – Waller Creek’s 100-year floodplain (an area with a 1% probability or greater of flooding annually). Thanks to the vast new Waller Creek stormwater bypass tunnel, 28 acres of downtown will be newly opened up for redevelopment. The idea of High Water Mark is to make visible a fragment of this disappearing floodplain with a 50’ long installation of electroluminescent wire inspired by hydrological flow patterns.  Suspended above the creek under the 7th St bridge, visitors are invited to imagine the area under extreme flood conditions while enjoying the chance to see illuminated the (usually hidden) spectacular double curvature stonework of the bridge.

More information on the event can be found at the Creek Show website, as well as at Culture Map and Texas Architect