Our client had considered for years how to build on his unique property, in Nova Scotia’s Mahone bay. He concluded that the island should be the living room and the architecture more like furniture, gently assisting inhabitation of the land rather than overpowering it. The core of the proposal is a 60’ x 60’ deck, the ‘hearth’ of the island-living room, where gathering, dining, arrivals, showering and swim preparations take place. A series of modest cabins, containing cooking, sleeping and bathing functions, are arranged on the deck, carefully oriented to accommodate certain views, sun and wind conditions. Since the ‘camp’ is only inhabited during the summer months, the cabins do not have any insulation or central heating/air-conditioning. A small wood-burning stove in each cabin simply provides some warmth in the evening. From the bay, the cluster of buildings is reminiscent of the fisherman huts scattered along the region's coastline. The first two cabins were built in 2012, the ‘saloon’ and a storage hut. Two bedroom cabins will be added in 2013.