The Preserve at Chula Vista Ranch

Chula Vista Ranch House

The Chula Vista Ranch House is imagined as a multi gable contemporary farmhouse.The multi gabled volume is combined with a second story dormer space that gives individuals

a framed view above the tree line and sets the stage for a perpendicular perch to view the surrounding landscapes imagined as a place for a study and additional smaller bedroom.

The lower level of the residence is organized around a central Living and Kitchen-Dining space that orients to the long view of the Chula Vista properties. The two gable volumes are offset along their length to provide covered porches, as entry and exterior dining area complimented by a fireplace.

The exterior rear covered porch expands and steps down onto a multi level stone terrace that incorporates a pool. The terraces are imagined as an extension of the native landscape around the residence.

The gabled residence is set up for rain water catchment that would be diverted to cisterns by a series of gutters, roof cricketing and catchment landscape ponds.

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